Real Estate Litigation

Understanding Real Estate Litigation

What is Litigation and how can it help me?

Litigation is taking your case to court. In real estate litigation, you can file a lawsuit against your bank and any other parties involved for illegal acts that were committed against you. A few examples might be that your bank failed to provide a permanent modification when you successfully qualified for a permanent modification, or the bank foreclosed on you despite saying that they would not. There are a number of different scenarios that can be litigated and our experienced Attorneys are available for a free consultation to discuss your specific case. Litigation does help you, the borrower, let the bank know that you are serious and demand to be dealt with in a fair and professional manner.

What Can I Expect from Litigation?

Obviously every case is unique. However, generally speaking the goal of foreclosure defense litigation shall be to obtain injunctive relief against your bank to stop any pending foreclosures against your property.  Where applicable, we will fight for monetary relief, statutory damages, compensatory damages and any other relief permitted under Cal. Civil Code 2924 et. seq., which is the statutory guidelines your bank must follow in California in order to foreclose upon your property.  Some examples of injunctive relief sought includes but is not limited to, postponement of sale date, reissuance of the Notice of Default and Notice of Sale, a correction for any material violation of the Cal. Civil Code section 2924 et al., enforcement of any contractual obligations if applicable, and any other remedies the court deems proper.

Why Should I Use Your Law Firm?

The main reason to consider using Prime Law Group is because real estate litigation is one of our practice’s central focuses. We encourage everyone to do their own research and to make sure that when selecting an attorney that he or she has a proven track record of successfully helping their clients with their specific situation. The attorneys at Prime Law Group stay current on all of the latest precedents set in real estate litigation, helping you get the results that you need.