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  • Fire & Smoke Insurance Claims
Prime Law Groups’ team of professionals has helped over a thousand clients recover over $21 million dollars in insurance settlements, and assisted countless others in resolving important legal matters. We pride ourselves in becoming the legal equilibrium between large corporations and the average consumer. We fight for what is fair and equitable without hesitation. Do not let big corporations take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. To avoid conflict of interest, we unlike other law firms, do not take cases from large corporations.

Prime Law Group will help negotiate the maximum settlement amount with your insurance carrier for any smoke, ash and soot damage that may have been caused to your property as a result of local wildfires. Through our team of scientists, public adjusters, and licensed contractors, we have had exceptional results in helping homeowners prove the validity of their claims to their insurance carriers.

Prime Law Group has years of experience in fire insurance settlements. Having dealt with thousands of claims, Prime Law Group has seen the effects a wildfire can have on a home. Wildfires cause an abundant amount of unseen damage. This damage is caused by smoke that is emitted from the wildfires and carried over by the wind. Wildfire contamination can be on the interior/exterior of your building structure, and all of your personal property. These particles may also have a negative effect on your lungs, if not treated with proper care. The images below detail the effect of smoke inhalation on the human body.    

  • Windstorm Insurance Claims
Dealing with a homeowner insurance company after an insured suffers a loss can be treacherous and difficult. We are here to represent you with your wind damage claim and can help you get your claim paid and paid in full.

  • Bankruptcy
Our teams of professionals help clients across Southern California protect themselves and their homes against creditors, wage garnishment, re-possession and lawsuits. We put YOUR rights first.  We understand how difficult the economy is and the pressure it can put on you and your family. That is why we take extra time explaining the entire bankruptcy process to you, the advantages and dis-advantages, and help you decide if it is your best option.   We can give you the bankruptcy information you need now to help you find the best path to a financially stable future. The right choice in legal help today can make a major difference as you begin to build for a better tomorrow.  

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